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March 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

We are on an annual declutter this month.  Last month we got through the kitchen, March is the laundry space!  Whether it is a room, a giant space, or a tiny closet, let’s dive in! 


Newsletter Topic of the Month

The laundry room is a real workhorse.  But if it is crammed full of junk, hard to navigate, lacks the proper “stations” or just uninviting, you are going to hate doing laundry! I will link product ideas in the product section below this.

I’ve had them all.  The tiny closet, the washer and dryer hookup in the garage, the average room, the closet off the kitchen, and the jumbo one.  They all service different purposes, so keep in mind adjustments to your space, and I will work to call out more challenging areas. 
First go through the space and just take it all out, getting rid of the obvious choices and things that don’t belong.  Wipe it all down so you can put it all back!

To keep this space clutter free, here are the ideal components. 

A flat surface to treat, sort and fold laundry.  This can be a countertop, table, collapsible table (that folds and stores or is mounted to the wall and folds down).  IF you can’t have it in the space, like for closets, consider what is nearby.

Storage for supplies.  We all know I love cabinets, a lot.  However, shelves are great, rolling carts, whatever works for you.  I like to keep like things together for easy retrieval. 
A space for hanging items.  I love pop out wall hangers. 

Some laundry space house other items like cleaning supplies and vacuums.  A wall rack for hanging those keeps them out of the way and from becoming a trip hazard.

A laundry sorter is helpful, either for sorting by colors, or family member. You can also get them with a hanging rack in the event space doesn’t allow elsewhere.

If you have a front loader side by side washer/dryer set, consider a countertop over them.  It’s going to be a bit tall, but can be a great workspace.

IF you have a dingy dark laundry room, do something fun to make it a happy space.  This can be more lighting, some peel and stick wallpaper, an art wall or mural, a fun paint color.  Make an effort to make every space in your house FEEL  like you want to spend time in that space.

The key to keeping a laundry space looking good and functioning well is one of life’s biggest challenges and I am NOT joking.  Folding laundry and putting it away.  No one wants to do it. Take turns, pay someone, assign it as a chore.  But make a plan and get everyone on board.
A quick recap on the year of decluttering!

I know a lot of decluttering experts like a daily calendar, do a little every day, just see what is on the list!  However, I understand that life doesn’t allow for 15 minutes EVERY day, so my method is a little simpler.

Each month of the year in 2024 will focus on a room or space in the home.  The goal is to spend 15 minutes a day, where you can, and more when you have time or can schedule time (which I highly recommend! A Larger block of time can help you move literal mountains!) I also love the idea of teamwork, get a declutter partner.  You take turns at each other’s homes, in blocks of time getting things decluttered.  It also makes it more fun.

The goal is to go through each room, top to bottom, side to side, and touch EVERYTHING.
For links to my favorite bins and organizers, check my blog pages for resources!

This process can also allow you to do some deep cleaning along the way.

Label things as you go.  When spaces are labeled, people are much more likely to put it back where it belongs. 

I’ll focus on what’s in each space, because everyone’s home will vary in size and design, so you can work at your own pace. 

If you get ahead during a month, you can choose to move to the next space or take a break.
First, set up a space for your donation box (or garage sale or whatever you want to do, any sale items need to be boxed up for later).  I have a large laundry basket in a closet, that’s the go away bin.  When full, it goes away!!  If you do Buy Nothing have a bin for that, then you can post once a week and save time.  If you have things to give of return, have a box or bin for that too.  The key is making sure you are emptying those bins or containers regularly, like weekly and getting rid of the stuff or boxing it up for a sale.

Have a topic idea? Area of struggle? A fun tip? Send it in and I may make it the topic of the month. Email me at


Product(s) of the Month:

Here is a list of my favorite laundry room items!


News & Upcoming Events

Oh I have some fun stuff coming, but that will have to wait for another day. 

I’m going to be doing some local speaking this spring, I will post dates in the Declutter and Resize private Facebook group and also list them here.


Other Stuff

Do you have a group or event that would like to hear about decluttering, living smaller, or parting with sentimental items? Let me know, I love to speak to people about all things decluttering and resizing!

Are you in a book club? I would love to do a virtual book club over 4 weeks with you, just get in touch.

If you have read the book and want to leave a review Here are the links. This is the biggest compliment you can give an indie author! You can leave reviews at; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads

And lastly, if you need a copy of my book, grab one here. Do you know I have sold hundreds and hundreds of books and only 10% of readers have left a review?  Please, this helps an author so much, leave a review, long or short. Reviews push me up to where folks can see my book!  Just a simple comment helps, “loved this book”  “So much good info”.  It needn’t be wordy!


Until next month, thanks for the support and keep it COZY!

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