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Living a simpler, happier life is within reach with this helpful step-by-step guide. Studies have shown that clutter has many negative impacts on our mental health and can also cause weight gain, stress, depression, and anxiety, overwhelm and more.

Bigger Living Smaller Space offers the path from taming chaos to harmonious living by decluttering your home and resizing your living space.  Smaller, more thoughtful homes are on the minds of many as housing prices and inflation skyrocket.  Benefits: Eliminate the strain of managing and maintaining a larger home; Reduce expenses and upkeep time, channel the extra time and money to other areas of life, while enjoying your home as a clean and cozy place to recharge and reset.


You’ll learn:

The ways clutter impacts your life

Mindset change and how to let go

Action steps to help you move forward and identify patterns

The importance of getting everyone in your household on the same page

Tips and tricks to make sentimental items work in your everyday life

How to declutter room by room using my 4G’s process

Resizing NOW to simplify and enjoy life in a smaller living space

Many resources to keep you on track

Live a life of more freedom; Financial, emotional, time


Turn Down the Chaos, Crank up the Cozy

Together we will work on mindset shifts to help you let go and move forward to living a richer, fuller life of experiences and memories, not just managing your things.

Bigger Living Smaller Space: Resizing for a Clean & Cozy Home

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