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Judy Granlee-Gates

Judy Granlee-Gates began her first organizing job at age 7 in her mom’s hair salon, organizing the hair color bottles each week.She now organizes “for fun” with creative solutions and helping others with their projects large and small.

She is a professional problem solver in all environments, who helps overwhelmed  clutter  bugs  create  beautiful  and  peaceful environments letting go of clutter and taming chaos. She teaches people how to change their mindset and stop letting their things control them. With step-by-step guidance, she helps you declutter and resize your belongings and home to live a richer and fuller life with greater freedom: financial, emotional and time.

A fourth-generation small business owner and multi vocational woman, Judy Granlee-Gates has worked in Residential Construction since 1989 and strives for continual improvement in her processes and has helped hundreds of clients resize their homes. She is a driven problem solver and uses her organizational skills to benefit her customer’s experience. She is an award-winning custom home builder and remodeler; dozens of her projects have been recognized on local, state and national levels and her company received a Pacesetter Award from Custom Home Magazine for outstanding customer experience. Judy utilizes her degree in Education, Training and Development to take her customers through the homebuilding and remodeling process with confidence, fun and outstanding results.


She is a construction industry blogger, owns a popular Vacation Home Rental in Central Washington, an avid note writer and sender, an active philanthropist, and artist.


Judy is the parent of a grown “singleton” and lives in Western Washington State with her husband and pets.

Author, Judy Granlee Gates
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