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April 2023 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

How is it already April? Spring cleaning is coming, but first, how about a good spring declutter?

I am working on home visits…a way to give folks an assist with their decluttering plans and thanks to a longtime friend, I was able to do a practice run with her and see how it went. A childhood friend who lives alone has her clothes in 3 places, but not in her own bedroom. Split storage as I call it, makes finding things more challenging. We made a plan for her to re-org three closets, and a way to make a closet space in her rented house that looks cool and functions beautifully. We then determined how each of the cleaned-out closets would work, we went on a shopping trip together, I gave her a list of tasks and an outline of what we planned. I also created a list of all kinds of products with links that would be useful should she choose to add them. She is busy working on her plan, and texting me photo updates which has been super fun to see.

While home visits are not available just yet, I hope to be introducing them in the not too far future, but I want to be sure they are giving value, so I have a few test ones to complete, and get feedback before I launch that service.


Newsletter Topic of the Month

I had a private speaking event recently and our topic was decluttering before spring cleaning. We have to get some of the stuff out of the way so we can clean! It’s a great time to clean out all those spaces we don’t always “see”. Closets, under beds, spare rooms, the garage, basement, or attic. The biggest takeaway? Don’t think you can do this in a weekend. Make a plan, set time frames and then get started. Figure out where the items that are going away are going to go. Goodwill? A local thrift store (those are my fave where possible but they don’t take everything) Buy nothing? A garage sale? Think that through so you know where it will go and get it there pronto, even if that requires extra trips. Hire a local teen to drop it all off for you!

If you have extra trash, figure that out too. When helping my friend, we came upon the realization that disposing of a few extra trash bags in her city wasn’t as easy as you would think. Call your local trash company or public works and ask about an extra bag or two and how to deal with that. Some local transfer stations (for trash) will turn you away, I found out, if you don’t have enough trash. Some towns and cities offer the use of a small dumpster once a year for free. There are also trash hauling companies, large and small. You can generally find them online or on Facebook in many community pages. If you have a lot of trash, see if a dumpster works for you, or perhaps you can split the cost with another family.

Have a topic idea? Area of struggle? A fun tip? Send it in and I may make it the topic of the month. Email me at


Product of the Month:

I have been working on a way to get you product ideas you can search as you need, and I have finally been successful in setting this up on Amazon. I’ll announce when it is ready and will sort it by area of need/room. On some items I may be paid a small commission, but mostly it is to make it easy for you to find solutions to your clutter problems. I hope you will love it. Stay tuned for it to be ready as I was just approved after many tries. I am really excited to be able to curate the best stuff (I use the stuff I recommend, trust me!) for you to see. There are so many cool options, and even affordable things to help you manage your home in the best way, or make the very most of your small space!


In the News

Really fun news, my book cover was chosen by to be in a nonfiction cover competition. Voters chose the winner and I placed 3rd. That is amazing, 20k people voted, and even more saw my book. I am so thankful to all who voted for me and shared my posts. It’s a pretty big deal for a little indie author like me. Here are the winners


Upcoming Events

I’ll be speaking in early May at the Kitsap Home and Garden show, check the schedule online for details here!

Barnes and Noble in Silverdale, WA will be hosting a book event for me, we are just trying to finalize dates, and will post about it online!

I have a private speaking event for a business group in early may I am looking forward to as well in the Belfair WA area.

I recently donated several copies of my book to Kitsap Regional Library. I am working on contacting other libraries in surrounding counties and offer books to them as well. Want to see it at your library? Email me and I will reach out to them!

To go along with spring cleaning, I was featured recently in Home & Gardens article about the “minimalist game” along with other experts. It’s a fun way to declutter over a month, getting rid of the same number of items at the day. For example, on day 5 you get rid of 5 things. See midway through for my tips.

Do you have a group or event that would like to hear about decluttering, living smaller, or parting with sentimental items? Let me know, I love to speak to people about all things decluttering and resizing!

Are you in a book club? I would love to do a virtual book club over 4 weeks with you, just get in touch.


Until next month, thanks for your support!

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