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February 2023 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Well, the past month has been pretty crazy but the book is out and into the world! I am so grateful to those who have pre-ordered and purchased both the book and e-book, shared on social media, or told friends. I appreciate you all!

Order a copy here:

The e-book is still .99 cents until 2/10, or the paperback is also available!


Win a KINDLE…really!

Reviews are huge for a new author. It moves our books up in the rankings for others to see, and helps people decide if they should buy! So, I am having a contest. I want to get 50 reviews in 30 days, that’s aggressive. However, totally doable so to sweeten the pot, I am offering this awesome new 6” kindle that holds thousands of books. No clutter! Here are the “rules”;

Leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble

Each review counts for one entry

If you have a screen name that does not easily identify you, please message me to let me know it’s you. LoverofDogs51 or anything like that….message me so I know who you are.
Reviews must contain some text, or I won't be able to see the screen name. While a 5 star review with no comments is great, it will not enter you into the drawing. “Great book” is enough for a review.

Leave your reviews by March 2nd at 5 pm, I will host a live drawing on my facebook!


Newsletter Topic of the Month

In this section, I will be focusing on ONE topic each month, with additional discussion over the following weeks in the Facebook group – Declutter and Resize – Bigger Living Smaller Space

Have a topic idea? An area of struggle? A fun tip? Send it in and I may make it the topic of the month! Email me at


Product of the Month:

Each month, I will share a product I love. One I use consistently, and honestly, couldn’t live without. These are tried and true items that make my home life better. Have some to share? Send a tip, I will try them. Each product will have a link, and in some cases (not many) there may be a referral link that pays me a very small commission. Most things I am sharing to help you out, but on occasion, there is a referral. Know that anything I share is something I love and use.

February Product: Scent Fill Air Freshener Plug-ins

Ok, what makes these special? I can get a plug in anywhere, right? WRONG. Scent fill makes a full line of 100% natural essential oil plug ins. No toxic mystery ingredient, no headaches or fake smells. Best of all they are low cost, and use a glad plug in base you may already have. They do make a line of “regular” scents and hybrids, I prefer the essential oil line. I have two favorites, the 100% essential oil and the Deodorizer line, because not only do they smell great, but they actually kill odors in the air. (These are not 100% essential oil, but have no harsh chemical and all the ingredients are listed on line.

Multipurpose deodorizer fresh
Pet Deodorizer clean
100% natural vanilla peppermint
100% Natural Green Tea
100% Natural Orange Blossom
100% Natural Apple Blue Clover

Scent Fill has amazing customer service, don’t like a scent? They will exchange it no problem. And these scents do NOT overpower. People tell me my house smells “so good” but they can say what it smells like. For me a cozy environment isn’t just clean and tidy, it smells great too. Try an assortment pack or just a few to test out. You won’t be sorry. I’ve stopped using candle because the sooting I was getting on my walls (trust me, it doesn’t just wipe off and is sneaky and builds over time) so Scent Fill has become my go-to.


In the News

In the last month I have been featured in several places online. Here are some of the links:

I was also featured on a fantastic podcast, The Art of Decluttering. Amy is the QUEEN of all things decluttering, check out her amazing podcast with more than 350 episodes.


Upcoming Events

Book Launch Party 2/15 if you are local and would like to come by , let me know and I can get you an invite ;)

I have two private speaking events in March, for realtor-based client groups. I am looking forward to sharing with them!

Other events are in the works so check back each month for updates.

Until next month, thanks for your support!

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