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March 2023 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

I’m a little late this month, things have been BUSY. My launch party was crazy good and almost 100 people showed up. Oh, and we had some epic food! Thanks to all who could make it, it was really humbling to have all those folks in one room to celebrate me, and my book!

My review contest was gangbusters, goal of 50 and I had 87!! Reviews still matter, and especially on Amazon, where they promote my book at no cost in special ways when I hit 50, 75 and 100 reviews. Please, if you haven’t, leave a quick review, even a short one is helpful!
Leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble


Kindle Winner!

The kindle drawing was March 2nd. I did a Facebook live, then 20 minutes later, accidentally deleted it! The winner was Jessica Stokes!


Newsletter Topic of the Month

Kitchen clutter! I recently did a survey of 200 people…you know me, nothing formal or scientific, just real people. I asked about clutter in the home and where it was the biggest issue and I was honestly surprised that the overwhelming majority said the kitchen. So here are a few quick tips to declutter and keep the calm in the kitchen!

If your countertops are full, it’s likely a sign that your cabinets are overflowing. Countertops are works surfaces and when cluttered, really impede your ability to work in your kitchen!

Start by going through one cabinet or drawer at a time. Do you need three carrot peelers? I know, they don’t take up much room, but when you have 10 items you have three of, they do!! Cabinets and drawers are the storage workhorses in your kitchen, empty it all out (one at a time or you may get overwhelmed) and put back the stuff you need, use and is not expired.

Keep items that you only use seasonally somewhere else. Most of us don’t have an enormous kitchen. I use items like my crock pot, party dishes, some baking dishes, extra wine glasses ( I really don’t need 12 in a house with 2 people) and the like get stored elsewhere. You can put them in the pantry, on the top cabinet over the refer, or in the garage or basement storage area in bins clearly labeled. Keep the cabinets and drawers for daily use items!

Grab some clear bins for smaller items like sauce packets, baking items, spices, vitamins and more. You can sort them by type, and of course, I like them labeled.
This will create more space to move some of the countertop items to the cabinets and drawers. There are lots of things people like to have handy on the counters, but when they interfere with actually working in the kitchen or having enough space, that’s when we know we need to do a little re-org!

Have a topic idea? Area of struggle? A fun tip? Send it in and I may make it the topic of the month. Email me at


Product of the Month:

March Product: Task Timer

I love this little gizmo. When I need to do a task I have been putting off, I just grab this and tell myself I can quit after 15 minutes. The good news? I rarely quit, I flip it again. It has an oddly motivating force. You can use your phone, but I find this so easy, I use it almost every day in so many ways!


In the News

I was featured over the last month in Woman's World, MIC, and Bustle. Check out the helpful tips below!

I was also on three really great podcasts!

Compass & Clock with Mary Coupland…watch episode here or listen here.

Mary helps adults 40 to 65 focus on how they live now, so they can live really well later. You can find her here.

Laura Joseph also had me on her show, Healing with Spirit. Laura is an energetic spiritual medium, speaker and healer and we had a great conversation about how clutter impacts people’s well-being. You can follow Laura here and listen to my episode here.

The Hopenning with Marina Theron-Monnery and Fran Caudron was really fun. These positive, energetic ladies want to bring good news to their youtube vlog channel and Facebook page. Check out our interview here!


Upcoming Events

I am getting ready for two private speaking events this weekend and next week!

Do you have a book club? I would LOVE to do a virtual book club over 4 weeks with you, just email me.

Do you have a group or event that would like to hear about decluttering, living smaller, or parting with sentimental items? Let me know, I love to speak to people about all things decluttering and resizing.

Until next month, thanks for your support!

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